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Why Flatten the Curve

Do we want to prolong the agony?

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The media is swamping us with talk of “flattening the curve” and the need for respirators. Why? As I see it, flattening the curve does not save any lives; it merely prolongs the agony.

Unless a vaccine or cure for COVID-19 magically materializes in the next few months, we will all be infected. The theory is that by slowing down the rate of new infections, we slow down the rate at which people are hospitalized. By slowing down the hospitalization rate, we reduce the instantaneous need for respirators. This does not reduce the total eventual number of people who will eventually need respirators, only the maximum number needed at any point in time.

We have no anti-viral drugs effective in curing COVID-19 so, anyone whose infection has progressed to the point they need a respirator will die. Without one, they will die sooner, but even with the device, they will die soon enough. For those who prefer the indignity of a prolonged death, this may have some appeal — not for me.

Furthermore, the COVID-19 walking dead are overloading our healthcare facilities and preventing the treatment of those with problems that we can deal with successfully. Those who are about to die, we salute you but get out of the way.

Our survival does not depend on access to medical care. It depends on our health, age, and inherent resistance to the virus. We cannot change these things either quickly or easily, if at all. We can hide in our lairs and die next week, or we can take our chances today. As Kevin Costner infamously said, it’s a good day to die. If it isn’t, have a couple more.

I suggest we go about our daily lives, ease suffering as best we can, and get past this as soon as possible. By doing this, we deprive Moscow Mitch of the opportunity to give his wealthy friends more money and make the poor poorer.

Let’s stick it to the man and get it over with. Some collateral damage can be expected.




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