Have you heard of The Pipe?

The Pipe (a directory of hand-picked self-published design, technology, and business ebooks) was originally created by Andy Johnson. However, late last year Andy asked if I would be willing to take The Pipe over so that he can focus the majority of his time on his other project Harpoon — which is quickly becoming the go-to financial planning tool for freelancers and with it’s growth, it’s been a struggle to maintain both projects.

Since I’ve been following The Pipe’s progress since day 1 and have felt a bit of love for this passion project, I said yes. The transition began soon after. I couldn’t be more thrilled to take this over since I enjoy projects that have a focus on community and brand connection.

I’m also really passionate about how in our industry, we don’t have to be formally trained to advance our careers. We’re all valued simply on how great we can do our job and in the quality of our solutions. We’re not granted opportunity based simply on how many hours of training and tests we’ve taken like with some industries. We’re in an industry that if we’re willing to learn, connect and get really good at our craft, we will be rewarded for it.

If by learning that means you choose to go to a university or school, awesome (I did)! However, there’s plently of great success stories where our peers have simply used books, blogs and cost effective online-courses to learn new skills to advance their careers or break into our industry.

If The Pipe provides another outlet for designer, developers and entrepreneurs to discover great books to help them enhance thier skills, I’m happy with that!

So what am I asking from you?

At this time, I’d love it if you could do one quick thing:

Take this 5 question survey to improve The Pipe!

Thank you in advance! I can’t wait to receive your response and begin to work on the evolving The Pipe based on your feedback!

Until next time!


P.S. Do you have a book you’d like to recommend to The Pipe? Share it with me! and while you’re there, check out some of the new books that have been added. If you’re interested in helping keep The Pipe alive, check out these sponsorship opportunities.

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