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Confidence as currency (and 5 ways to keep your account topped up)

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  1. You can either start every meeting sitting down or standing up. Covid has given us that. So choose to stand up in the meeting. It will keep you alert and confident in your own skin.
  2. Now practice your presentation standing up. Sitting down is a natural energy sapper, a withdrawal from your confidence account. But if you stand up and speak you are saying to yourself and your audience ‘I am here. I am confident’.
  3. As you are presenting, Imagine your slides as a series of scenes in a movie. Each scene has a killer line in it — a headline, something that shines bright. Practise speaking the headline out loud and emphasised.
  4. Find your middle slide and practise speaking it as if you are talking to Joan, a slightly deaf old lady. Over-pronounce every word, use body language to demonstrate the words — whatever you need to do to make Joan hear. When you are presenting this slide your brain will remember and you will be given an instant energy boost.
  5. As you get towards the end, increase the pace and intensity, do not decrease. Find a crescendo moment in your last slide and speak 10% louder. It is the difference between a wild, bumpy landing on a plane and a smooth landing. You want your audience to get on this plane again.



My job is to help people present themselves (story-telling). This blog is about how I do it, why I do it and what I am learning along the way.

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