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Story — the only thing that connects us now (and 4 ways to do it).

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  1. Chart, like scenes in a movie, the answer to this question: “How did I get here today”? Your journey may have started at the age of 13 when you knew what you wanted to do, may have started with a rejection or a life-changing experience, but it started somewhere. Start with that gut-feeling beginning and create more scenes to get to where you are today. And where you see the future.
  2. Force yourself to tell the story in only 2 and a half minutes. This will limit the number of scenes and get you out of your head.
  3. Use picture. The brain is wired to receive 2/3’s of information in picture. If you only give it bullet points and abstract ideas with no concrete detail, your audience will drift and you will drift. A good story has no drifters. In two and half minutes this will limit you to the pictures you choose as it takes time to paint a picture.
  4. Fight adrenaline. Adrenaline is the secret killer of picture, story and structure. It knows no difference between social and physical threat and when you go to present it senses threat.It will want to run you out of the room, to run you out of your story. It will tell you to shut down and retreat. It will stop you speaking in picture and make you longer and boring. Unless you use a technique to beat it. So force yourself to use picture and stick to 2 and a half minutes. The “technique” of painting a picture, of forcing yourself to speak in 2 and half minutes, of going through your story scene by scene will equip you to put adrenaline in its place.



My job is to help people present themselves (story-telling). This blog is about how I do it, why I do it and what I am learning along the way.

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