“Creating fanarts have taught me to infuse my art style with the original.”

Filipina Designer and Illustrator Deisa Hidalgo

Please introduce yourself!

I really wanted to interview you because you have such an ethereal, magical style but also you make animated MV’s through your digital art which is suuuper unique! Can you take us through your art journey, how you got started and how you got to where you are now?

That’s a really rich history! You mentioned youre not the same artist as you were in college. Has your style also evolved with that?

What made you take the turn to this style as opposed to realism?

You mentioned you had a social media job. Does social media play a big role in your artwork?

Can you tell us more about the process of your animated mvs — what got you into them? What’s your process like? Have you done this commercially before, and if you have, how does your creative process differ when working with a client?

Do you do frame by frame?

Does the process differ with clients?

Most of the videos are fanart. How do you think fanart has contributed or changed your process. Do you consider it to be true art?

You make a Webtoon! How do you come up with the story and writing — how long does it take you, and how do you storyboard it out? What influenced you wanting to make one?

You have done some really cool work like illustrating for Amazon Tokyo Fashion Week — could you tell us what this experience was like, how you got the job and what the process of creating the final product was like? What was it like working with such a big client?

You also participated in Seoul Illustration fair! How was this experience, particularly exhibiting in a country where you have no idea of the language or anything? How did you prepare for the fair? What do you think you got out of it?

Where do you see yourself moving forward?



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