One year ago

Screenshot of my FB memories from today*

One year ago today, I had hope 
That the judge would agree
With everything the doctors see

No longer have that hope, 
Instead we wait for an appeal
Hope that Trumpkin’s budget cuts
Don’t lengthen the wait too much

I’ve adjusted to not knowing
Adjusted to waiting another year or so
Even figured out moving forward

But waiting longer than planned
Sitting on pins and needles
Isn’t something I do well
I just have to muddle through

Life goes on. We go on.
Money stays tight. Expenses go up.
Just another reason, Trumpkin sucks

*For those who don’t know: SSDI is the disability arm of Social Security. In order to be considered eligible for disability income, a judge has to decide you are unable to work in your previous career or any other equivalent job. In my case, the judge decided I am not eligible. Lots of reasons why he made that decision. Lots of reasons he is and was wrong.