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The Wake Up Call Editors — Part III

Can I have another moment of your time and attention?


What’s up, y’all?

Ok. So… It seems that Kevin has decided to continue TWUC2 for the time being, and that’s cool and all, but? For me?

It’a bit too little, too late. It’s just not enough. Especially given the fact that he’s admitted publically that the first time he shut it down was due to his own jealousy at the success of the very people he’s recruited to join his publication..!! Way to show some maturity there, dude!

You see? For me? My art, well… It’s kinda precious. It’s unique whether it’s a drawing or a poem or an essay. It’s mine, and I want it to be respected and held safe and secure from those who would treat it as somehow… less than. Less important, less valuable. Less deserving of respect.

So? When Kevin decided for the second time to delete me, my words, and my art because, well… honestly? Who knows because he didn’t have the courtesy to tell anyone??!!

I’m done.

I no longer trust that Kevin and his TWUC v. whatever the number! Is a safe place to send my work. Nuh uh.

So..? I’ve created a new place. A safe place. One that is run by, and for, the artists who wish to house their stuff here, without having to wait for someone else to publish it.

What I wanted to do is to create another, similar, but far safer space in the spirit of what TWUC2 claimed to be, for anyone who is longing for a place to publish their work to live, grow, and create, minus all the drama. What I want to happen here is to simply create a community that supports each other, and one that does not harbor any jealousy for anyone else’s success.

That shit just don’t fly with me.

I have already added people who have expressed a desire to have such a place to add their work. Anyone else who’d like to have the ability to publish without waiting, in a space that isn’t going to disappear on a whim? Just let me know in the comments below.

Anything you want to write that is free from abuse? It’s on. Satire, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry, Photography? We’re all good. I reserve the right to eliminate hate speech of any kind! But? Beyond that? We’re good to go.


You want a truly safe place to publish your art without having to wait for someone else to approve it? You got it.

All you gotta do now is? Let me know.

Let’s go.

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