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Writer’s Lift — Kate Lynch

Family, mindfulness, meditation, and more

Writer’s Lift — Kate Lynch | Family, mindfulness, meditation, and more | Plan B Vibe | Medium | by Aimée Gramblin

I believe I discovered Kate Lynch when she began writing for my publication Age of Empathy. She’s a talented writer and a fascinating person. She writes about raising her atypical son, Ocean, parenting, mindfulness, yoga, life experiences, and more. She started publishing on Medium in September 2020.

Kate’s Bio Line reads: “Parent of an amazing atypical kid, meditation coach, inclusive yoga teacher, and author. I specialize in supporting anxious parents of atypical kids.”

Kate writes about family dynamics, meditation, and mindfulness through a lens of compassion, empathy, and inspiration. You will learn a lot from reading her articles.

Following are excerpts from some of my favorite articles of Kate’s with the links provided below.

Family Matters

If you wouldn’t say something to your beloved, or your best friend, try not to say it to yourself. I know that is easier said than done, but it is worth the effort to change insidious patterns that can affect families for generations.

I make it a point of journaling and doing structured self-compassion practices to unlearn those patterns, and teach myself new ones, before my son ends up muttering cruel words to himself that he learned from me.


Jean Michel Basquiat was in my mom’s performance art. I’m serious. When I met him he was part of a group of graffiti artists who called themselves SAMO. I think she met them at the Mudd Club. For the performance, she and the four teenagers painted themselves gold and ran around a huge loft. May he rest in peace.

I served Billy Idol frozen yogurt when I was 15, shaking like a leaf.

Family Matters

Then, you can remind your child that we all have hurt feelings. You can model naming your own hurt feelings, and describe how they feel in your body.

Mindfulness can help us defer our reactions. We can postpone them, but eventually our feelings need somewhere to go. I hope everyone, child and adult, has someone safe to talk with about any challenging feelings. Being tough isn’t the special sauce here, it is staying calm even though you feel hurt. When you know who is safe to share your feelings with, it is easier to not react to teasing in the moment.

Age of Empathy

Invite your shadow side, your disowned selves, your limiting beliefs and obstacles. Welcome them as part of your wholeness. There’s incredible wisdom in the shadows that your intuition wants to share, if you’re willing to summon the courage.

What wisdom is your intuitive sense sharing with you, through this investigation of your shadows? What illumination or warmth can arise when you symbolically clear out your obstacles?

Age of Awareness

Integrating uncomfortable truths is not the same kind of discomfort as chronic strain on eyes, neck and jaw. Hyper-vigilance benefits no one. Habitually searching outside of ourselves for answers benefits no one. Over-functioning benefits no one. When there’s a lot of new information coming in, especially if it triggers emotion, taking time to integrate it is a key to truly understanding.

Thank you for reading my introduction to Kate Lynch. I hope you’ll take the time to explore her profile and see if her articles resonate with you. If they do, I hope you’ll give her a follow and drop a few supportive comments on her articles.

Let’s lift each other up.




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