Meet the Sojourner Truth Tigers

A girls lacrosse team from Harlem?

“When I first saw lacrosse, I thought it was only for boys, but it looked pretty cool.” — Karmen, 12

The Players’ Tribune followed the girls lacrosse team from P.S. 149 in Harlem during its 2015–16 season. Lacrosse? In Harlem?

Through the nonprofit organization Harlem Lacrosse, boys and girls programs have been introduced not only at P.S. 149, but also at other schools in the area.

Meet the Sojourner Truth Tigers:

“Yeah, they be looking at us, like, ‘Whatchu playin’? ‘It’s lacrosse. Search it up. Call my coach. Your daughter might play next year.’” —Kiera, 13

“If I wasn’t playing lacrosse … I’d be bored out of my mind or causing trouble.” — Shannen, 12

“Lacrosse helped me gain confidence. I go places I’ve never been before. I seen the White House, I didn’t see Obama, though. That’d be a dream come true.” — Kiera, 12

This story originally appeared on The Players’ Tribune on October 10, 2016.

All images © Taylor Baucom/The Players’ Tribune