The seventh season of Game of Thrones is now airing and the Internet has gone berserk; the unpredictable Game of Thrones is back on the big screen after a hiatus since its sixth season and of course, the ever predictable legion of faithful supporters of the show aren’t hesitating to make their usual predictions.

Albeit the gut spilling battles, gruesome deaths and fire breathing dragons, Game of Thrones is no doubt a great brand and you can’t talk about the show without making reference to its brilliant storytelling. There are however one or two lessons (or in this case, seven) for content marketers to learn from this show and if you haven’t seen an episode of this epic show, then I’m giving you the side eye.

  1. Valar Dohaeris — (High Valyrian meaning “All Men Must Serve”) Being of service to your audience should be topmost priority when creating content. Your content must serve a purpose because anyone can create content but what will make your content the preferred and better option to others is the value you create. So always seek to serve.
  2. Don’t try to do it all alone, have strong allies. Wars in Westeros are not won alone. They are won with resources and alliances. The Lannisters didn’t win battles by being wealthy alone; they won wars by being pally with The Tyrells (The second richest house in Westeros), and had the craftiest men on their payroll (Lord Varys and Petyr Baelish). As content marketers, tools and resources such as “Contently, Copyblogger, Content Marketing Institute, etc. abound to help us make effective content. However, in the midst of this barrage of tools and technologies, we need to be discerning to know which would work best to help us achieve our content marketing objectives.
  3. Build a strong army of loyalists. Westeros is built on one simple fact “Everyone is loyal to someone”. Give your audience a reason to not only believe in you but have them coming back because loyalty is the key to win. So how do you do this? Listen to feedback, observe, listen and understand their needs. In the end, you win with a large readership, brand awareness and conversions.
  4. Gain knowledge. This might probably sound cliche but Knowledge is Power! Winning a battle involves knowing the weakness and strengths of your competition and how much of a threat they are. Gain deep knowledge on issues and subjects to significantly improve the quality of your content and help you make the right decision(s).
  5. Keep your visual game strong (As strong as valyrian steel.) High resolution images are a key success factor in the show and it is important that your images are captivating and completely irresistible. So be sure to keep your content interesting and your images captivating and you have a recipe for virality on your hands.
  6. Be a damn good writer. No doubt George R.R Martin is a fantastic writer and he has held the entire world spellbound with his imagination. Content creation is all about writing Newsletters, Blog posts, Video scripts, Social media content, promotional articles, copy writing etc. and it is imperative that you grip your audience with your words and at the same time, keep your mind sharp by reading.
  7. User Generated Content. The Internet is dark and full of banter. Top notch banter lives on the internet so how about curating banter about your brand online by users and fans into blog posts and social media content. A huge success contributor for the show is how big they’ve been on User Generated Content so source for way to get your users involved in co-creating content.

And remember, stay nimble and don’t rest on your laurels because if you do, then you know nothing!