A WhatsApp Apocalypse Happened Globally And We Weren’t Ready For It

On Wednesday night, a mini apocalypse happened. Group admins were thrown in a frenzy, African parents, uncles and aunties were freaking out because their broadcast messages weren’t delivering and the world was shooketh! Over a billion users on WhatsApp were cranky because the app was down for over two hours and no one knew what had happened?

Whether it was a minor server breakdown or glitch, one thing was evident; technology has hugely impacted our lives and we really haven’t quite prepared ourselves for a time as this. Businesses that use WhatsApp as a major tool for communication began to have a rethink on other options, some users went on Twitter to vent, others simply continued their conversation on other Instant Messaging platforms.

So, let’s imagine WhatsApp went down for a couple of days, and you needed to move your customers/friends to another Instant Messaging platform, which would it be?

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Originally published at Digiengage.

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