Cockroach the Savior

Can cockroaches be smart ?

Can cockroaches be beautiful ?

Can cockroaches be clean ?

Can cockroaches save us ?

Many of us are disgusted by cockroaches — in fact some might have already felt that while reading the above few line filled with its name. It might seem funny how many us even fear when we see this minute creature. So much fear that they’re believed to be the top insect feared by humans. Why so much fear and hatred ? It’s because from what see and have heard about such insects. How their looks are ? How unclean they are ? How they spread the diseases around a house ? And we also hate even the sight of someone mentioning that they are eaten by humans ? But not all that you’ve heard about them is true. They are doing so much good to us, humans, that goes unnoticed. Are they our saviors ?

Are cockroaches helping us?

They actually play a significant role in our ecosystem. They do a very important and tough job which the so called mighty beings, us humans , can’t do as efficiently as these insects do. The job is that of breaking down organic matter, starting from rotting leaves, dry old twigs, rotten weak wood, heavy substances which can’t be managed by humans with spending thousands and thousands of dollars. They basically break down the complex organic substances into their easier and original form, such a form is very vital for the very existence of so many organisms around us including ourselves. Basically just like the producers [ plants ], these also do the important job of maintaining the bio cycle which form the basis of this planet. They are natural composters, producing fertilisers and bringing nutrients back into the soil. It’s a super critical work of waste management which these creatures are doing, free of cost to us. Nothing less than a savior !

Can cockroaches be beautiful and clean?

Cockroaches can actually be quite stunning. There are some beautiful ones/types among them fascinating colors. It’s estimated that there are around 4,500 species of cockroaches across the world. Being cold blooded, their favorite evolution ground has been Australia, with almost 500+ species out of the above number. With such a big number, showing its magnificent diversity, many species display spectacular colors and patterns. Few of their behaviors can also be fascinating and beautiful like exhibiting parental care, giving birth to young ones that they look after for up to nine months taking care of them, feeding them and looking after them as they live in little family groups.

Talking about cleanliness- Most of us think of cockroaches as dirty and disease-ridden.And they can be. But you have to keep in mind how these are different from something like a mosquito, which breeds diseases inside it’s own and then transmits them to everywhere around it. We can actually go on listing various diseases spread through by mosquitoes and how they have been important carriers.Cockroaches aren’t dirty themselves, but will spread germs if germs are already around. Means if they run over some slightly off raw meat at your kitchen and then they might scamper across a salad and in turn spread. But they can’t be a villain all by themselves.

Are Cockroaches survivors ?

Cockroaches are about five times more resilient to radiation than the humans, I know its less when compared to some other insects or organisms, but their presence even after so many centuries with such a big diversity shows their survival instinct. The modern cockroach was believed to be around during the age of dinosaurs, and these tiny cold blooded organisms are perfect example of survival and sustainability on this planet. The reasons for their abundance in all the cities and villages even though their ancestors evolved and were present almost 175 millions years ago, is due to their adaptability.

The environment and the ecosystem needs them, they have been striking a balance for a very long time now, that too free of cost. And with a beautiful diversity, consisting of 1000's of colorful types and their way of being clean by themselves might have made some of us start seeing these creatures from just tiny ugly creatures to a savior without which humans cannot survive. If your are still not convinced, then there is a special segment just for you !

Can Cockroaches be food source of the future ?

Some food scientists are already thinking of insects as the food source of the future. Cockroaches with small carbon footprint when compared to any other animal protein because of their conversion efficiency. Raising mammals for food takes up a lot of energy. Most of the food is wasted to keep their body warm and in the strengthening of non food source like bones etc. But for cold-blooded insects like cockroaches, there’s less energy loss through body heat — plus you basically eat them completely.Massive farms in China are already breeding cockroaches in towers, feeding them more than 50 tonnes of kitchen waste a day. Not only as meal, they are also used to produce Chinese medicine.

Still not convinced ?

Perhaps, cockroaches might be the best living examples of the quote;

Don’t judge a book by its cover.




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