‘’A particle that could change the laws of physics and the universe that is built based on them’’

“All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them and physics is imagination in a straight jacket”. Our universe is just a fascinating topic to think about, you can just go all day thinking about so many mysteries and magics that revolve around this universe. So far humans have somehow been able to reason so many such phenomenons logically using his greatest invention — physics. The laws of physics govern every single aspect of our life, even being ideally accurate in the other areas, the physics known to man has always been confusing him or has been unstable when it comes to the phenomenons of universe. Just a very simple example, imagine the number of different models of atomic system that you read ( very well knowing that it was of no use, since those were failed models), which proved the former wrong and kept on improving. We have never been able to accurately predict something in this particular area !

I’m restating all these points because a very recent discovery of the properties of a particle has very high chances of altering the human laws of physics about the universe and may prove all the former theories wrong. And this is not the the Higgs-Boson ( God) particle, this discovery has a lot more potential to it than just stating the formation of universe but to various larger quests of human discovery. The recent experiments with particles known as ‘‘muons’’ suggest that there are forms of matter and energy vital to the nature and evolution of the cosmos that are not yet known to science, yes u read it right, ‘‘not yet known to science’’!

The Muon g-2 ring, at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in Batavia, Ill., operates at minus 450 degrees Fahrenheit and studies the wobble of muons as they travel through the magnetic field. As the scientists said last week, the results are totally different, the particle’s nature and its behavior might change the human understanding of universe so far and this breakthrough will be more important and useful than that of the Higgs-Boson experiment. Now to all those who don’t know what that experiment was or what exactly is a god particle, let me put in simple words. Humans still don’t have the right reason or theory for the origin of universe and its nature, there have been so many theories, like the big bang theory, strings theory, cosmic theory and many other, but they all don’t have ( yet ) the exact answer for so many questions like what exactly is dark matter? or what occupies almost 1/3 rd of the universe? or first of all why does matter exist in universe

Why is this particle different and so important?

For decades, physicists have relied on and have been bound by the Standard Model, which successfully explains the results of every single possible experiment and its results including the large hadron collider . But it had many issues, it was unable to answer many important questions about out universe like the ones I mentioned above. So, in 2001, two decades, an experiment was held in Brookhaven National Laboratory, which rendered so many physics theories void and this current Muon experiment has confirmed its results. Now the scientists are very clear of finding what has filled the empty space in our universe so far and what are its properties.

Currently muons are produced copiously at places like the Large Hadron Collider when more ordinary particles are crashed together at high energies. They are sometimes called “fat electrons,” they resemble the familiar elementary particles that power our batteries, lights and computers and whiz around the nuclei of atoms; they have a negative electrical charge, and they have a property called spin, which makes them behave like tiny magnets, they are 207 times as massive as their better-known cousins. They are also unstable, decaying radioactively into electrons and super-lightweight particles called neutrinos in 2.2 millionths of a second.The muon is akin to an electron but far heavier, and is an integral element of the cosmos.

What was the experiment and its results?

At Fermilab, a new campus devoted to studying muons was being built and they re-did the g-2 experiment there. They brought the 50-foot magnet racetrack from Brookhaven. And so in 2013, the magnet which resembled a flying saucer, went on a 3,200-mile odyssey, mostly by barge, down the Eastern Seaboard, around Florida and up the Mississippi River, then by truck across Illinois to Batavia, home of Fermilab.The experiment started up in 2018 with a more intense muon beam and the goal of compiling 20 times as much data as the Brookhaven version. The results of the experiments reinforced the original discrepancy reported by Brookhaven. As the experiments proceed, the diversions of the properties of muons from the physics we know, shows that there is so much more in the universe which has not yet been understood by us and can be controlled by the present human knowledge of physics.

“If the central value of the observed anomaly stays fixed, the new particles can’t hide forever,” he said. “We will learn a great deal more about fundamental physics going forward.” — the exact words of a physicist from this team

“The magic is only in what books say, how they stitched the patches of the universe together into one garment for us.” The universe always amazes the human brain because of its uncertainties and unimaginable vastness, some or the other thing unfolds everyday about this magical creation, you call it God or God particle, but this is just one of the two most beautiful yet complex creations in the nature — the other being human brain. And now, one is in search about the other, what an interesting act of nature isn’t it !



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