TESLA : Genius for the future

“In nearly every step of the progress achieved in the production of electricity and development of radio we can discover that spark of thought leading us to Nikola Tesla. Only a few people could during their own lifetime see their long-stretching creative imagination turn into reality.”- Mexandeison

Image by Kaamela Parveen

Tesla, one of the greatest inventor and humanitarian the world has ever witnessed, also known as “The genius who lit the world”, is in fact the inventor of more that thousands of things that we use today has a totally inspiring and kind face which was kept secret and hidden( more than ones mentioned in the article, many are still kept secret). Leaving all the conspiracies behind, let us look at some of the interesting facts about this great man!

He was born during a lightning storm to a priest and his wife who was an inventor. Call it coincidence or destiny, he went to invent one of the greatest idea on lightning and electricity- the Tesla coil. Moreover he was an environmentalist, hence worked on deriving power from water, sun’s energy etc. He was the inventor of Alternating current without which our world shuts down, in fact we can’t Netflix and chill also!

He forgot to write down many of his ideas, others used them to their own advantage to become rich and famous. When he found that someone was using his ideas, he said, “let him do, he is doing great work”, “ I don’t care that they stole my idea, I care that they don’t have any of their own”. He was surely more than a human!

He had a photographic memory, he could even memorize three dimensional structures without much effort. No one could match his intelligence and memory which made him interested in one of the toughest subjects then- “electricity”. As mentioned in our blog “ Bulb and Hello”, there were many mysteries revolving around Edison and Tesla, Edison rejected Tesla’s idea saying that they were splendid and utterly impractical when he worked for him. He didn’t pay Tesla and said he couldn’t understand the “American humor”, so he quit and their rivalry continued and was known as the “War of the currents” and ultimately won by Tesla when he was able to supply electricity to America.

(if you missed the “bulb and hello” story, check it out here: https://medium.com/the-ploy/bulb-and-hello-6dade16612f3 )

He once found that his contract with an investor is going to end is loss for the person, so ends up ripping the contract and it led to losing of his famous “ Tesla tower”. He set up the first “radio waves” , but his lab was set on fire soon and all the works were lost. Later Macroni ended up having the patent of the first “radio”, Tesla was more furious when he found out that he was financially aided by Edison himself. Later the court invalidated Macroni’s patent, but was too late, two years after his death! (Justice delayed is Justice denied!)

He invented a Death ray that could easily destroy the whole world if it was in the wrong hands and would lead the domination of the person who holds it. Hence goes on to destroy his own invention! He died poor and alone, but he had his pigeons till the very end. He loved them a lot, he even went on to spend $2000 to fix a pigeon’s broken wing. He forgave everyone’s ignorance and was never greedy or boasted about his inventions.

All that he wanted was to make the world a better place to live in, which he successfully did!




“The important thing is not to stop questioning;Curiosity has its own reason for existing” Curiosity is one of the great secrets of happiness and the future belongs to the curious! This blog is just to solve your hunger of curiosity through a different perspective to every story!

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