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Book Sips #41 — ‘Building User Research Teams’ by Steve Bromley

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So far, I was lucky enough in my career to always have the chance to work together with dedicated user researchers within my team or my group. I also do know that in a lot of companies this is not the case. Everyone wants to build user-centric products and services. Still, not everyone talks to users or has a user researcher to facilitate interviews and to support designers and product managers to get from insights to understanding what users want. Building and running a great user research team takes much more than just running a couple of surveys or talk to users. In his book, Steve Bromley gives excellent insights into how you can make a case for research if you don’t have researchers yet, build research capability, run good research from the start and grow a research team for the long term.

A sip:

‘The first step is to understand what has happened previously, and what people already know about research. It is likely that people will have been exposed to aspects of user research before, whether from previous jobs, previous colleagues or personal interest. It is important to not assume or imply that a new research team are bringing enlightenment to the ignorant masses — no-one likes arrogance! However, it is also necessary to identify and challenge misconceptions that people have about research.’

Building User Research Teams

How To Create UX Research Teams That Deliver Impactful Insights
by Steve Bromley

User Research | Design | Leadership

Why read?

Building User Research Teams is a practical guide covering how to build a research team of any size. It covers the whole journey, from convincing colleagues that they need a user research team, through to the development and implementation of the tools and processes needed, to running high-quality studies and mapping the future development of a growing research team.

225 pages, Independently published 2020

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