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Book Sips #51 — ‘Strong Product People’ by Petra Wille

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Knowing Petra for a while now gave me the chance to read an early version of her new book “Strong Product People” and I loved it. It’s mainly written for managers of other product managers but it’s super valuable for everyone working in Product Management since it has a lot of tangible advice on how to grow professionally. She writes about what makes a product manager a great one and what it takes to get there. It’s a book that you probably pick up a couple of times during your career.

A sip:

‘A product organization only becomes better when each of its members is constantly working on themselves and learning new things.’

Beyond the book

The PM Wheel as described in the book

Strong Product People

A step by step guide on how to help every Product Manager on your team to grow
by Petra Wille - loomista

Why read?

Are you a product leader looking for advice on how to be certain that every product manager on your team lives up to their full potential? Do you want to make sure your product people are competent, empowered, and inspired, and would you like to know how you can best help them on this journey?

392 pages, 2020

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