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Hi, I am Ivan and I work as a Product Manager based in Hamburg, Germany. I am originally from Hermosillo, MX, and only started my career as PM around one year ago. Since I have learned all my PM fundamentals on the job and from online resources, I wanted to share what has been on my shelf this past year.

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On my shelf

The User Experience Team of One

by Leah Buley

My opinion

A research and design survival guide by Leah Buley. I recommend this book for any PM without a dedicated UX team behind him as I find myself today. Having UX skills will help you flesh out new features that arise from user research and is clear that they must be developed.

264 pages, Rosenfeld Media 2013

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Difficult Conversation

by Harvard Business Review

My opinion

I recommend this book because a PM will always have difficult conversations pending either with Sales, Marketing, Engineering and — especially, higher management. This book teaches you how to navigate through really difficult conversations.

128 pages, Harvard Business Review Press 2016

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Web Form Design

Filling in the Blanks 
by Luke Wroblewski

My opinion

I recommend this book because web forms are ever-present on the internet and we tend to complicate them without reason. This book will help you cut to the chase and ask the right questions.

226 pages, Rosenfeld Media 2008

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The Lighting-Fast Path to Building Massively Succesful Companies
by Ried Hoffman and Chris Yeh

My opinion

I recommend this book to get a sense of the scale of growth in a company like Airbnb or Facebook can feel and how to handle it. Of course, it would be a nice problem a lot of PMs would like to have but also can be incredibly difficult to handle.

336 pages, Currency 2018

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How to Fly a Horse

The Secret History of Creation, Invention, and Discovery 
by Kevin Ashton

My opinion

As a bonus, I recommend this book for PMs wanting to learn about how great ideas are created and brought to life from the great characters in history.

336 pages, Anchor 2015

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