On My Shelf with Chris Noessel — Author and Senior Design Lead at IBM (San Francisco)

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Dec 9, 2019 · 3 min read


Christopher is an AI designer at IBM. He teaches, speaks about, and evangelizes design internationally. He is the co-author of Make It So: Interaction Design Lessons from Science Fiction (Rosenfeld Media, 2012), co-author of About Face, 4th Edition (Wiley, 2015), keeper of the blog scifiinterfaces.com, and author of Designing Agentive Technology: AI That Works for People (Rosenfeld Media, 2017).

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On my shelf

The Design of Everyday Things

Revised and Expanded Edition
by Don Norman

My opinion

My practice is rooted in interaction design, and this is the core text for that field.

368 pages, Basic Book 2013

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Flawless Consulting

A Guide to Getting Your Expertise Used
by Peter Block

My opinion

Whether you’re in-house or consulting, it’s good to think of yourself as providing a service, and Black shows how to do it well.

352 pages, Pfeiffer 2011

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The User is Always Right

A Practical Guide to Creating and Using Personas for the Web
by Steve Mulder & Ziv Yaar

My opinion

Grounding our products in real contexts of use requires good, frequent first-hand research.

312 pages, New Riders 2006

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A Pattern Language

Towns, Buildings, Construction
by Christopher Alexander & Sara Ishikawa et al.

My opinion

Many people talk about patterns but have not read the source material. It’s great for systems thinking and yes even sensitizing yourself to the usability of architecture.

“A classic. A must read!”
— T. Colbert, University of Houston

1171 pages, Oxford University Press 1977

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by Nick Bostrom

My opinion

We don’t live in a world with general AI yet, but if you’re ok with a dense book that will get your brain spinning on the what if…

352 pages, Oxford University Press 2014

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PM Library

Over 200 curated books that everyone who builds products should read

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