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On My Shelf with Faris Aziz — Lead Product Manager at Bloom & Wild (London, UK)

About me

I’m currently the Lead PM for Growth at Bloom & Wild. I love developing my Product skills by working on the toughest customer problems for businesses that truly put the customer first.


On my shelf

Algorithms to Live By

The Computer Science of Human Decisions
by Brian Christian & Tom Griffiths

My opinion

This really made me think differently about the way my brain works. It made me realise that trying to do everything every day is not sustainable or motivational!

“By the end of the book, I was convinced. Not because I endorse the idea of living like some hyper-rational Vulcan, but because computing algorithms could be a surprisingly useful way to embrace the messy compromises of real, non-Vulcan life.” The Guardian (UK)

368 pages, Henry Holt and Co. 2016

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How to Build Habit-Forming Products
by Nir Eyal

My opinion

I know this is cliched but it is brilliant. The book has helped me to understand user behaviour more deeply and I still refer to it occasionally years after reading it for the first time.

256 pages, Portfolio 2014

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The Design of Everyday Things

by Don Norman

My opinion

Fantastic book when first starting out as a PM. You’re expected to give feedback to designers often with no formal design experience. This book helped me blag my way through the first few months (and years).

368 pages, Basic Books 2013

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Start with Why

How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action
by Simon Sinek

My opinion

As a Product Manager, you have to master the art of leadership without any formal authority. Another great set of principles for a PM of any level to apply in their day-to-day. It has helped me rethink the way I approach standups, retros, discuss technical details with engineers, and communicate with stakeholders at all levels.

256 pages, Portfolio 2011

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Ways to Manage the Pressure and Uncertainty of Managing Products
by Marc Abraham

My opinion

A rich and varied series of frameworks, war stories, and tips across the Product Management skillset. A thoroughly enjoyable book that really resonated with my own experiences. Learning from mistakes is the theme of this one and a pragmatic principle to consistently apply throughout a Product Manager’s career.

288 pages, Brown Dog Books 2020

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Our series “On my shelf” features product people from all over the world who are passionate about reading and sharing their best book recommendations with the community. If you want to join the movement and share your reading list with others send us a message. Let’s get better together 📚.




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