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On My Shelf with Laura Klein — Author of Build Better Products and UX for Lean Startups (San Francisco)

About me

Laura has been an engineer, user experience designer, and product manager in Silicon Valley for companies of all sizes. She’s written two books for product managers, designers, and entrepreneurs, Build Better Products and UX for Lean Startups and she’s a frequent speaker at tech conferences, including SXSW, Lean Startup Conference, and Mind the Product.

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On my shelf

Radical Focus

Achieving Your Most Important Goals with Objectives and Key Results
by Christina Wodtke

My opinion

I love how this book teaches readers how to successfully implement OKRs in a fun, easy, quick way. It starts with a fable where you can see the characters using (and failing to use) OKRs to reach their goals. At the end, Wodkte recaps key concepts and explains the framework in a way that makes it a perfect reference for implementing OKRs yourself.

179 pages, Cucina Media LLC 2016

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Inclusive Design for a Digital World

Designing with Accessibility in Mind
by Regine M .Gilbert

My opinion

This book is an outstanding introduction to inclusive and accessible design. It’s the kind of material that should be taught to everybody designing for humans, and it’s taught in a way that’s easy to follow and implement.

272 pages, Apress 2019

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Strategic Writing for UX

by Podmajersky

My opinion

This book is outstanding for folks who want to make their interfaces clear, consistent, accessible, and usable. It has templates and instructions that make it easy to immediately start using the concepts and excellent examples to help you avoid common mistakes.

194 pages, O’Reilly Media 2019

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The Fearless Organization

Creating Psychological Safety in the Workplace for Learning, Innovation, and Growth
by Amy Edmondson

My opinion

This book helps organizations understand how to create a more innovative environment by creating safe environments for people to make mistakes, ask questions, and voice dissent. It provides clear examples and a detailed framework to help readers understand the issues and implement the recommendations quickly and easily.

256 pages, Wiley 2018

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Our series “On my shelf” features product people from all over the world who are passionate about reading and sharing their best book recommendations with the community. If you want to join the movement and share your reading list with others send us a message. Let’s get better together 📚.




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