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On My Shelf with Melissa Perri — Product Management Leader, Executive Product Coach, Author, and Speaker (New York)


I grow future product leaders, so they can create great products. I wrote “Escaping the Build Trap”, teach Product Management at Harvard Business School, and founded Produx Labs & Product Institute to make that happen.

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On my shelf

Testing Business Ideas

by David J. Bland & Alexander Osterwalder

My opinion

First the problem was getting buy in for product managers to experiment around product ideas. Now the question is, how do we conduct experiments well, and which ones should we run? David’s book is a field guide for experimentation, giving you lots of options and explaining why certain ones are best. He breaks down how to choose the right experiment and how to run it.

368 pages, Wiley 2019

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Obviously Awesome

How to Nail Product Positioning so Customers Get It, Buy It, Love It
by April Dunford

My opinion

Typically, companies have seen product positioning as product marketing’s job, but it’s a necessary skill for crafting a great product strategy. April breaks down how to position your product in the market so that it appeals to the right customers. Tie that together with other factors of product strategy, and you’ve got a winning product.

202 pages, Ambient Press 2019

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Rolling Rocks Downhill

If You Want To Learn Agile, Why Not Make It Fun?
by Clark Ching

My opinion

This book follows the fictitious story of a company learning to scope down a project and experiment through an MVP. The language in the book follows more standard Lean Manufacturing terms — like Theory of Constraints- but the lessons are the same as what we’d do in software product management. It’s a really fun read as well, as Clark writes it as a fiction book and develops all the characters.

320 pages, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 2014

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Let Go of Past Success to Achieve Extraordinary Results
by Barry O’Reilly

My opinion

One of the biggest blockers I’ve seen in organizations, is leaders relying too much on their past successes to change the way they work. You’ve been successful this far, but to reach the next level, you have to learn new ways of working. Barry breaks down how to do this. It’s a great book for anyone looking to grow.

228 pages, McGraw-Hill Education 2010

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With the PM Library, we help you explore new books and topics around tech, business and design because we believe reading is essential to building better products and growing in our careers. We are a team of dedicated product people based in Barcelona, London and Munich.

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