On My Shelf with Shane Neubauer — Technical Lead at Google (Munich)

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Jan 13 · 4 min read


I’m Shane, and I’m a Tech Lead at Google. I love technology, products, and solving problems. I work with large and fast-growing businesses in Germany to help them do cool things using technology.

My career experience has foundations in technology, engineering, and most recently ad tech. At home, I’m constantly prototyping and playing with new ideas, and keeping up with the latest tech.

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On my shelf

Own the Day, Own Your Life

Optimised practices for waking, working, learning, eating, training, playing, sleeping and sex
by Aubrey Marcus

I recommend this book because I believe that performing well in your work begins with a healthy mind and a healthy body. This book walks you through the many areas of your life, starting with establishing a good morning routine. If you care about your work, then you should take care of yourself, and this is a great resource to help you do that.

453 pages, Harper Thorsons 2018

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The Great Fragmentation

And Why the Future of Business is Small
by Steve Sammartino

This book explores the future of business, technology and products. With the pace that technology moves right now, we can’t just solve today’s problems. We need to look forward, too.

The future of business and work is fragmented. We are already seeing the fragmentation of products, services, and companies. Many small niche businesses are starting up and kicking ass. This fragmentation is the foundation for ‘the gig economy’, and also for what’s coming next.

“Steve delivers a cogent and generous synthesis of so many of the big ideas changing the way we live and work today.”
Seth Godin — Author of The Icarus Deception

290 pages, Wiley 2014

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Life and Work
by Ray Dalio

This book is a great lesson for anyone who deals with a lot. Anyone making decisions in high pressure, high ambiguity, high-risk situations — or anyone who’s just feeling uncertain.

Ray Dalio relates his own successes and failures, some incredibly large, and shares the principles he’s developed for himself resulting from them.

This book helped me to learn how I can reflect on my own experiences and develop principles that I can take with me to be more successful.

592 pages, Simon & Schuster 2017

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How to solve big problems and test new ideas in just five days
by Jake Knapp, John Zeratsky & Braden Kowitz

This is a commonly known book that is a wealth of great insight and tips for exploring and overcoming challenges. In my work, we have never done a traditional sprint, as described in the book, but have designed our own practices borrowing many things from the book.

This is a must-read for anyone solving problems today.

288 pages, Simon & Schuster 2016

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Pitch Anything

Presenting, persuading, and winning the deal.
by Oren Klaff

This book is a master class for anyone who needs to be persuasive, communicate complex ideas, or deliver compelling presentations. Though I don’t pitch often in my work, the knowledge and skills are directly transferable and incredibly useful.

Oren Klaff explains the psychology behind good communication and persuasion, which, in his case, is used for pitching billion-dollar business deals. My situations are a little less impressive, but I’ve found great improvements in my own work from this book too.

241 pages, McGraw-Hill Education 2011

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PM Library

Over 200 curated books that everyone who builds products should read

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