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About me

Tim is a passionate product leader, speaker, and author of the book ‘Lateral Leadership: A Practical Guide for Agile Product Managers.’ He previously held product roles in companies such as XING, Gruner+Jahr, and multiple startups. In addition to his devotion to enabling companies to build better teams and products, he’s also the co-organizer of the Product Tank Hamburg meetup series.

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On my shelf

Inspired (1st edition)

How to create tech products customers love
by Marty Cagan

Why read?

While I’m sure v2 is a worthy successor, it was the first version which still holds the top spot on my bookshelf. In it, Marty Cagan passionately describes a way of building products centred around customer needs and a radically iterative approach for putting value into the hands of users. When I read it in 2012, this book sparked the idea for me to leave the job I had at the time to seek and create an environment like this myself.

242 pages, SVPG Press 2008

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Lean UX

Designing Great Products with Agile Teams
by Jeff Gothelf & Josh Seiden

Why read?

While validating ideas without investing time to build the actual product seems like common sense these days, that wasn’t always the case. This must-read for anyone interested in seeking evidence before even creating an MVP provides hands-on advice for how to approach the research and validation phase of a Product Discovery.

208 pages, O’Reilly Media 2016

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The Hard Thing About Hard Things

Building a Business When There Are No Easy Answers
by Ben Horowitz

Why read?

This is an intense book about entrepreneurship and what it takes to push through. The experiences described in this book will help you to put your day to day struggles as a non-CEO truly into perspective. But Product Managers will also be able to derive plenty of advice for their own decision making and relationship building activities. Read it every time you need an extra boost of motivation.

304 pages, HarperBusiness 2014

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Radical Candor

Be a Kick-Ass Boss Without Losing Your Humanity
by Kim Scott

Why read?

Product Management is about the people you work with on an everyday basis. And to build sustainable relationships, I recommend learning how things are without being a jerk. This book will help you to strike a balance between sugarcoating things and scaring people away from working with you. It’s by no means for hierarchical leaders only but will help you to lead without formal authority.

272 pages, St. Martin’s Press 2017

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Validating Product Ideas

Through Lean User Research
by Tomer Sharon

Why read?

his is my go-to handbook for all research and validation activities. Contrasting to Lean UX, it strips away the fluff of telling stories and provides you with a broad range of step-by-step instructions for how to execute powerful research techniques. Whether it’s the setup for a user interview or the framework behind faking a non-existing feature: This book has you covered.

344 pages, Rosenfeld Media 2016

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Radical Focus

Achieving Your Most Important Goals with Objectives and Key Results
by Christina Wodtke

Why read?

While I always was a silent admirer of the Objectives and Key Results framework, it was this book which turned me into an avid practitioner. It helps you to look way beyond the simple performance-focus of this goal setting methodology which has been popularized through Google and John Doerr. By telling a story including struggles you can relate to, it gently prepares you for your first iterations of implementing OKR in your company team right away.

166 pages, Cucina Media LLC 2016

How to use OKRs to increase organizational learning
More information on OKRs

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