The ultimate time-saving tools for Product Managers

News sources and topics for product managers

Imagine yourself as product manager of a product which is available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone as well as the web. In the fast paced world of building software products it’s almost impossible to stay on top of all the software and hardware related news for each of these platforms. 
Every product manager knows that such missing information is lost opportunity for their products. But new methods and frameworks which would make it easier to develop great product ideas or improve your working skills come up on a daily basis. Furthermore, the expectations of your stakeholders are very high in terms of your specific domain knowledge.

Too much news — too little time

Unfortunately, there is no time for researching and scanning all news sources to find the most relevant articles. Every product manager deals with this situation differently. Some are reading only the two most popular articles a day, others read in their free time to catch up. But the main challenge is still unresolved. How do you know which article is the most relevant for you and your current needs as a product manager? — You don’t. Some don’t read at all rather than spending valuable time (and therefore money) on reading the wrong ones. But, with a few hints and the following effective tools you are able to get your daily dose of tech-related news and become a master of your domain pretty easily.

Products for individualists

Facebook Feed, Apple News, Medium, Flipboard and Feedly

There are several possibilities out there to aggregate various news sources in one central place. Surely, the most common is the feed of Facebook. Furthermore, there are more news-focused apps like Medium, Apple News, Flipboard or Feedly which make it really convenient to get a clear aggregated overview of all product management related news on the web. You are able to manage and organise your favourite sources and discover even more interesting publishers and writers within the applications to add to your personal feed.

Products for news junkies

IFTTT (If this than that), Zapier and Google Alerts

With nifty automatisms from IFTTT, Zapier or Google Alerts it is surprisingly easy to set up so-called recipes or listeners. These are simple connections between products, apps or the web in general. If for example someone posts an article which contains a specific keyword that you have selected you will get an email (Google Alerts). With IFTTT (“If this than that”) or alternatively Zapier you can connect two separate apps even closer. It works like this: if for example Product Hunt posts a new product on their platform you get it immediately listed in your feedly feed. This works for all blogs and online magazines that offer rss-feed and as well as for Medium articles. After you’ve set up these automatisms once you won’t miss great articles anymore. Furthermore, it can be very time-saving to get all relevant news sources and potential articles scanned and delivered automatically.

Products for disoriented

Medium, XING News, Panda and Mybridge

If you enrich the aggregated list with personal information of social networks you can get quite easily from a stack of potential articles and sources to a few really valuable recommendations. Especially Medium, XING News or Panda have algorithms which can show you the best matching articles in your aggregated list. They also learn and improve with every article you read. To make this happen they combine personal information like your industry of work or show you which articles are recommended and valued by your network. The new platform Mybridge goes even further. It is a curated knowledge platform created especially for professionals working in the tech industry. You choose up to 5 different topics you are interested in — like “Product Management”, “Leadership” or “Swift” — and Mybridge gives you a daily update with the most interesting articles matching your selection.


With the presented products you are able to gather articles from different sources easily in one place and let intelligent algorithms decide which articles could be most relevant for you based on your personal information and preferences.

Personally, I use a mixture between IFTTT and Google Alerts to get articles from different sources right into my email mailbox. I also have an eye on new articles in my personalised medium feed and on XING News. To stay on top of all new products coming up I added Product Hunt’s Chrome extension to my browser.

By getting interesting article recommendations delivered automatically every day you will save a lot of time so you can focus on the really important things in your working life — your product.

Do you know more or even better tools and products for aggregating and filtering the right articles? You are more than welcome to leave a comment.

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