My Bearings Are Quite Alright

A sonnet about my addiction to modernity

Enough! I’ve had enough of paper smoke
And dense, packed, close constructed mounds of brick -
They suffocate, they crush, they stamp, they choke
Me. All they’ve served to do is quietly trick

The unsuspecting populace that all
Is right and ordered — that the world is still
The paradise it never was, with walls
Presumed to guard against our nature’s will.

Yet here I am, a leech that sits atop
Another, feasting on the red that we
Consume together, loving every bite

That I can bite. I’m deaf to calls to stop,
Despite my cold misgivings, so…with glee -
I watch our bodies dry up livid white.

Putting up a fight

Is far beyond my might.

Experiences unite us. I believe words can provide these experiences. The Poet is just one of many ways to share them.

The Poet fuses my reality and imagination using rhythm and rhyme.

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