It’s said that after an orgasm, we have a glow.

That glow is also manifested in our aura, we emanate energy afterwords.

Perhaps it’s more of an afterglow, the fading results of a massive explosion of physical and spiritual energy.

Then what is an orgasm? If not nothing more than a gigantic energy transfer between people.

The culmination of a build up of stimulation of neurons, and what do neurons do, their whole purpose is communication.

Maybe an orgasm is a massive neural transmission of information, the explosive power is the transmission of that information from one person to another.

An orgasm is the moment of two souls touching and communication in it’s purest form, both energy, and physical.

It’s also the basis of communicating everything that makes us who we are, DNA. The most compact information structure known.

Can thought bridge the gap? Can two minds really become one? Can two minds join in that moment into one super consciousness?

I believe it can. I believe that orgasm is a synapse of world’s greater consciousness firing, communicating, joining.

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