2 weeks of Pokemon GO in Paris

Alizée Baudez
Jul 20, 2016 · 3 min read
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My feelings after 2 weeks of playing Pokemon GO in Paris.

This article first appeared on my blog.

As a typical 90’s nostalgic geek, I was thrilled to try out the new Pokemon GO app. I got it the very first day it was out, on the 6th July. Here are my feelings about this game, based on two weeks of playing in Paris.

Paris is full of rats, pigeons and bats

A gym in Paris will change team a couple of time per day

You’ll never miss out of PokeBalls

I discovered new places

It’s harder to find Pokéstops in small cities

But you should find a gym close enough

Playing Pokemon at work is possible

It gives me a reason to go out after work

It builds teamspirit between partners

Story Time 1: on our first week of playing, we were battling for a gym, located on some artwork. We were both leaning against a building, a couple past by and wished us a good match ! Those kind of situations are awkward at first, but get really funny with time.

Story Time 2: I found myself chasing Bulbasaur in the Jardin des Plantes with 100 other Pokemon trainers. People were shouting « Dratiniii!! » « Eeveeeeeee!! » all around the parc, and people would run in that direction. We were a bunch of geeks having fun in a parc, like 10 years old. The parc closes at 8pm. So security asked us to leave at 7:45pm. Players started to argue to stay longer in the parc and continue playing. I had never experienced a scene like this ! It was so much fun !

So here are my feelings after 2 weeks of Pokemon GO playing around Paris. What are yours ? Do you experience the same thing in your own cities around the world ?

The Pokémon Journal

A collection for writers who are passionate about anything Pokémon.

Alizée Baudez

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The Pokémon Journal

A collection for writers who are passionate about anything Pokémon.

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