My Pokémon GO Android Wear Prototype

I recently started to play this awesome game. Everybody became to be obsessed with it. And I love it too. I am a proud owner of Moto 360 1st gen. When I saw this petition I decided to try making Android Wear extension of this game.

The first important thing about this is the functionality of the Pokémon Go Pro to vibrate if pokémon is in your area and you can catch him. It would make sense that this would be just notification with vibration feedback.

Notification when Pokémon appear near your location (Android Wear 2.0)

Next screen could not be necessary to make but I did it anyway. I like to make the full experience in my designs.

Android Wear 2.0 menu with Pokémon GO selected

And now for the app itself. I chose two main in-app features. First, displaying near pokémons with footprint indicator of distance between pokémon (1 footprint = 100 meters IRL) that I find useful when searching for them.

On swipe left, there would be showed eggs in incubators to see if I already have my walk done. It is not exactly best user-experience to have to click 3 times every time I want to know how my eggs are doing. With this app not anymore. You can have it opened the whole time you are searching and reveal your eggs just with swipe left.

In-app functionality. Pokémon footprint indicator (left) and egg incubators (right).

And of course it would take a lot of power off the small battery you have in your watches to make this always open when searching for those poké-creatures so I made a little ambient mode version of this as well. That means that when you have your app open and the screen dims you still can see how your eggs are doing and how far is the Eevee you really really want.

Ambient mode of in-app functionality.

That is all. It was my small fun project that took just a few minutes to do. But I would love to see something like this really made so I can catch more pokémon. If Niantic decided to make my prototype reality I would be happy to give them Sketch version of it. ;)



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