The Pocket Monsters of Tokyo

The birthplace of Pokémon has spawned all sorts of creatures in every subset of society…

The glass-eyed businessman, giving meaning to his commute.

The pink-aura, just-starting-out couple getting an excuse to stay out later and just wander together.

The regulation backpack-wearing elementary school gang, whose pecking order is suddenly up for grabs.

The bespeckled and faux-hawked digital media know-it-all, just keeping up with the times.

The loud-speaking career politician fantasizing over a fictional set of problems.

The out-of-breath job hunter turned pocket monster hunter on the sprint to their next interview.

The sea foam Shibuya girl collecting monsters that match her outfit.

The hypercolor Harajuku girl adding monsters as accessories.

The 8-bit cartoon of a media executive seeing what all the fuss is about and scheming of monetization.

The Akihabara otaku popping Pokémon like pills.

The cosplayer swiping through the game screen like Tinder.

The single, overly-styled, desperate dude looking for a date.

The Shibuya scenesters, moving in packs with heads stiffly locked at 90-degree phone tilts as usual.

The giddy, ponytailed foreigners acting like they’re on a pilgrimage.

The jaded officer worker, who is still jaded because she hasn’t caught anything ‘legendary.’

The train riding social outcast, adding one more screen layer between herself and reality.

The girl with Japanese horror movie hair, telepathically finding all the best monsters.

The shaved head high school baseball team, twitching their thumbs in perfect unison like it’s batting practice.

The late night drunk, wearing a dress shirt from 7/11, grinding his battery down to zero in another meaningless pursuit.

Gotta catch ’em all before I sleep…

Gotta catch ’em all…