Conservancy endorses Conservation Collier referendum

The high stakes of November’s election have loomed for months over the Conservancy. We’ve been busy reviewing poll results, strategizing, and working to inform our community about one important issue on the November 3rd ballot — Conservation Collier.

Since 2003, this program has created 20 preserves; many of which protect our water quality, provide wildlife habitat and allow residents and visitors opportunities for outdoor recreation. The Conservancy has been active in this campaign since its inception and recently filled out our official endorsement form in support of the ballot initiative.

These endorsement forms can be found on the Yes Conservation Collier website, and we hope you will join us!

The need for this program is becoming increasingly apparent as development increases. A growing population means increased demand for local drinking water supplies, increased pollution in our waterways, reduced wildlife habitat, and potentially more crowding in our favorite outdoor spaces. Many of the lands protecting Collier’s rivers, lakes, bays, and drinking water aquifers today could be lost to development if they’re not permanently protected. Voting YES on the Conservation Collier question, found toward the end of Collier voters’ general election ballot this year, will allow the County to save many of these lands.

To learn more about the Conservation Collier referendum, visit There, you can also endorse the ballot measure and/or sign up to volunteer.

You can also click here to get some great information from a new handout.

We are always looking for ambassadors for this campaign, so we encourage you to share your Conservation Collier stories and photos with us by emailing them to! For some inspiration, check out one of our staff member’s blog post, and to find a Preserve to make your own memories click here.




Ensuring that our region’s leaders have the tools to make informed decisions is a critical role of the Conservancy. The Policy team ensures the proper stewardship of Southwest Florida’s natural resources by actively taking on regional issues to make a difference.

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