Conservancy’s Marisa Carrozzo selected for second term as co-chair of Everglades Coalition

Marisa Carrozzo, Everglades and water policy manager at the Conservancy of Southwest Florida, has been selected to serve a second term as co-chair for the Everglades Coalition.

Marisa Carrozzo

The Everglades Coalition is an alliance of over 60 local, state and national environmental organizations focused on restoring the Greater Everglades Ecosystem, an area that stretches from Central Florida through the Florida Keys. The coalition’s primary areas of focus include advocating for protection of the Everglades, hosting the annual conference, and coordinating communication and education efforts among coalition members and the public.

Carrozzo has worked at the Conservancy since 2011 and is responsible for developing and implementing policy initiatives for water resources and environmental issues impacting the western Everglades. Shortly after graduating from Miami University in Ohio, Carrozzo held a position as a conservation associate in the Conservancy’s policy department. Carrozzo has over nine years of experience in natural resource policy at the local, state and federal levels.

“Being selected to serve as the Everglades Coalition co-chair is a great honor,” said Rob Moher, Conservancy president and CEO. “Marisa is incredibly knowledgeable about environmental policy and shares the Conservancy’s deep commitment to Everglades restoration.”

As co-chair, Carrozzo’s duties include oversight and coordination of coalition activities and events, representing the coalition at public events and meetings, supervising the coalition coordinator, setting meeting agendas and budgets, securing sponsorships and facilitating meetings.



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