“Habitat Conservation Plan” May Jeopardize Florida Panther and Other Species

The ironically named “Eastern Collier Habitat Conservation Plan” (HCP) would authorize impacts to Collier County’s endangered species -including the Florida panther and 7 other federally-protected species- from 45,000 acres of proposed mining, residential, and commercial development. Other activities, such as oil drilling and exploration, would be allowed in preserves.

An HCP is allowed under the Endangered Species Act and results in a permit to incidentally harm and harass protected species due to activities such as development. This permit proposal, which may last for 50 years and develop the last rural and wild lands in Collier County, is being decided now.

Landowner Consultant Map of New or Widened Major Roads Needed to Support Proposed Development in Eastern Collier.

Red dots are new developments. Red, green, and yellow roads are new or widened.

What is proposed:

  • 45,000 acres of mining and residential/commercial development — the equivalent of two cities of Miami
  • Continued or intensified agriculture, oil exploration and drilling in the “preserve” areas.
  • Unspecified impacts from infrastructure and new roads to support tens of thousands of new homes in a currently rural and undeveloped area. Over 100 miles of new and expanded roads may be needed to support an additional 300,000 people in this area.
  • Unknown impacts from additional adjacent development sprawling from these new towns.

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Share Your Concerns About the Plan:

A public meeting will be held on April 12 from 5–7 p.m. at IFAS 
Address: 14700 Immokalee Road, Naples, FL.

The meeting will discuss the HCP, as well as an Environmental Impact Statement review.

Tell decision-makers the proposed plan doesn’t protect our water, land, wildlife, or future.

Or, click here to send an email using our suggested talking points.

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