Donald Trump Goes Down Either Way

Carolyn Bertolino
Feb 13 · 4 min read

He may not lose his ex-presidential perks, but he’s still going to lose his ass.

Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

Friday night Jonathan Karl, stationed outside Mara Lago, told us on ABC Nightly News that Trump is “confident he will be acquitted” and is “eager to reemerge’. He also says he’s been told that Trump’s first order of business planned is “getting revenge” on any Republicans whom he believes defied him during this process. Karl knows Trump and has good sources in his circle, having covered the whole campaign, then ABC’s chief White House correspondent and recently the author of Front Row at the Trump Show.

The latest one-term president is a now private citizen and two states are investigating him for criminal charges. Those may not end in conviction, but his new vulnerability to the same laws and prosecution as anyone else does open the possibility.

I’m not only referring to what he’s already done, but now after listening to Jonathan Karl, the expert on Trump, I’m starting to entertain the possibility of what he might try if Senate Republicans continue to make him feel invincible.

Friday’s testimony also confirmed what a lot of us had suspected, that Trump knew how much danger lawmakers, including the Vice President, were in because he was implored by at least one of his allies in congress to tell his followers to stop their quest to “hang Mike Pence”. It was confirmed on the Senate floor that two hours elapsed after House Minority Leader McCarthy begged him on the phone to stop the siege, before he said “we love you, go home” to the seditionists. First thing he did after talking to McCarthy was to tweet “Mike Pence didn’t have the courage to do what should have been done…”.

Hours after the siege began, and at least an hour after McCarthy begged him to call off his goons, Trump finally went on tv and halfheartedly told them to go home, topping if off with the Big Lie, again, “We had an election that was stolen from us, a landslide election.” And then, of course, for good measure, he strung them along for his future use with “We love you. You’re very special.” Recent testimony also shows that when McCarthy finally got ahold of him to request that he call off the riot, Trump tried to tell him it was Antifa, to which McCarthy replied that it was Trump supporters.

Trump has been allowed to do whatever he wants for pretty much his whole life. He’s used to getting his way by force, money, and bullying. Never popular outside that narrow base, but with the help of the antiquated electoral college, he was installed as president in spite of securing three million less votes than his opponent. However, I believe his luck is about to change, in spite of the sellout Republican senators.

Biden crushed him by seven million votes in addition to the electoral college and is now enjoying a steady 60% approval rating. Trump never got above 46%, when he left it was 38%, and a majority of the country thinks he should be convicted. That is infuriating to him, but he knows the Republican party, as it stands now, will do whatever it can to protect him, as long as he keeps them afraid. After this likely acquittal, he’s going to reemerge ready to take them, and the country, down with him. He’s never been held accountable for anything in his life, and he is feeling emboldened.

On the other hand, the country as a whole, and the Democrats who are now in power, are feeling emboldened as well. So far, democracy has held him and his ever-dwindling number of supporters at bay, and as he gets more unhinged, he will do something that causes a jury of people other than corrupt Republican senators to decide his case. And he will lose.

He won’t have an easy time finding a friendly jury in NY, if the investigations into insurance and tax fraud get enough steam to go anywhere. Even GA, the other state conducting investigations into his conduct, for election fraud (which is illegal even for a regular citizen) voted against him last November, the first time to support a Democrat since 1992.

But even more important than that, as he starts to lose money and assets because lenders and customers are cutting him off, his money woes will cause him to need a new scam. That scam will most certainly involve an attempt to fundraise off of the Big Lie. And now that the adults are in charge and most people now realize how bad he is, he won’t get away with it.

I never thought he’d be convicted in the Senate, even as Mitch McConnell talked out the other side of his mouth again after kissing his behind for years, but it was encouraging when six senators at least admitted that the trial is constitutional. And now that the Senate has actually voted to allow witnesses, even more ugly behavior will be made public.

Trump expert Jonathan Karl’s scoop on the ex-president’s current state of mind combined with congressional Republicans allowing him to scare them into submission is a toxic combination. It makes me believe Trump will be emboldened into screwing up enough to get himself in real trouble. I guess we’ll just have to watch and see.

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