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Donald Trump, Racism, White Racism and the 2020 Presidential Election

Lord have mercy! What has the past several days wrought?! Some weeks are made for the history books! There is no doubt that history will look back upon the week of July 14–20th 2019 as a time when the nation was embroiled in a literal daily specter of racial animus. The vast majority sinisterly engineered and spearheaded by our derelict commander-in-chief himself.

As if his prior, racially inflected comments had not been distasteful enough, Trump managed to hurl an apocalyptic verbal hand grenade into the…




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Elwood Watson, Ph.D.

Elwood Watson, Ph.D.

Historian, public speaker, social-cultural critic. Professor of African American and Gender Studies, Post-WWII U.S. History, at East Tennessee State University.

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