Politics Have No Relation To Morals

And Theresa May proved that last night

The title of this piece comes from the well-known political theorist bastard Niccolò Machiavelli.

In his ever-resonant short book, The Prince, Machiavelli advises his titular 16th century Italian Prince to set aside his ideals in ruling and instead pursue a path of power aggregation and consolidation by any means — because: politics have no relation to morals.

Machiavelli could hardly have expected that his words would still have such a relevance half a millennium later, but I was reminded of them last night watching our very own Prime Minister.

Yes, there are countless other examples of politicians proving this creed correct, but it doesn’t happen too often to be our leader of government.

Yet last night, Theresa May stood at her podium, denouncing what she sees as a ‘naval-gazing’ parliament for frustrating the will of the people. She had the gall to speak in the second person. “You” are tired of this, “you” have had enough of that. It’s no wonder the petition effectively and clearly contradicting her claim to speak for the people, by advocating the revocation of Article 50 and stopping Brexit, has hit 1 million signatures in less than 24 hours. How dare she say she speaks for us.

She assigned herself the arbiter and undertaker of this nebulous will that is still knocking about from three years ago, and placed all ‘blame’ for no Brexit progress at the hands of MPs, without hesitation for what such a call from the leader of our country could invoke.

This is Trumpism, Bannonism, at its worst. It is the beginnings of megalomania and frankly, shows worrying dictatorial tendencies.

MPs are now being advised to take precautions against an onslaught of threats, serious or otherwise, from a growing far-right contingent. This, as a result of a speech from the Prime Fucking Minister.

Whatever your Brexit persuasions, it’s hard to look past May abusing the position of power she is in, degrading the office, merely to shift blame from herself for the utter shambles she has overseen.

It is cowardly, it is malicious. Simply, it lacks morals.

And though we perhaps should never be surprised by the depths to which politicians sink, today I am.

Politics have no relation to morals. But it should. It really should.

Jackson Rawlings is a political philosopher, writer and thinker with some big ideas about how we can change the world for the better.

The Politicalists

Politics chat while the world burns.

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The Politicalists

Politics chat while the world burns.

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