Recommended Readings

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The below recommendations represent some of the important literature that has influenced our thinking on The Politics of Representation. We are always looking of suggestions of work to add: email us

Alatas, S. H. (1977) The Myth of the Lazy Native, London: Routledge

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Suggested Chapters:

— Chapter 2: Robertson, C. ‘The beauty of a story: toward an Indigenous art theory’

— Chapter 6: Mackinlay, E. ‘In danger of relation, in danger of performance, in danger of research: an ethical conversation with Hélène Cixous about writing as intercultural arts praxis’

— Chapter 11: Hofvander Trulsson, Y. & Burnard, P. ‘Insider, outsider or cultures in-between: ethical and methodological considerations in intercultural arts research’

— Chapter 26: Thomson, P. ‘Researching ‘voice’ in intercultural arts practices and contexts’

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Race Media and Representations Blog:

Said, E. (1994) Culture and Imperialism, New York: Vintage

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We aim to explore and foster debate on wider questions of…

The Politics of Representation
The Politics of Representation

We aim to explore and foster debate on wider questions of the politics of representation.