Veganism Starts at Home: Local Resources for Inspiring Change

In a fast-paced world where animal consumption has become the norm, people around the world are unlocking their greatest local resources and finding unique ways of raising awareness about the ways in which our eating practices harm animals, the planet, and ourselves. Local leadership in culturally appropriate movements inspire people to become vegan while simultaneously providing the tools and resources they need to do so in a way that meets them where they are.

Lucía Cuéllar is a biologist, educator on plant-based diets, and founder of the first vegetarian group in Monterrey, Mexico. She is using her knowledge to educate new mothers on the nutritional importance of breast milk for newborns. Her project, entitled Working Together: Breastfeeding and Plant-Based Solid Foods consists of workshops that will encourage low income mothers to breastfeed their newborns, along with demonstrating how to make nutritious plant-based baby food.

Lucía Cuéllar — Working Together: Breastfeeding and Plant-Based Solid Foods

Like Lucía, Rohit Ingle is a passionate ethical vegan who will be raising awareness for animal liberation by using a special tool — his bicycle. Rohit plans to cycle over 11,000 miles to the four corners of India over the next year for his project, entitled All India Cycling Campaign: for Awareness on Veganism, while spreading his message of the importance of plant-based eating. By making the difficult journey using pedal power, Rohit is reaching people all over the country on a face to face level while also modeling what is possible when you are powered by plants!

Rohit Ingle — All India Cycling Campaign: for Awareness on Veganism

Similar to Lucía and Rohit, the following 10 grantees are animal rights activists who have received grants from The Pollination Project’s Global Animal Advocacy Program. They are fighting back against modern-day animal abuse by using their local tools and resources to inspire people to become vegan. Some of these projects advocate for good health and lifestyle practices — along with a return to plant-based nutrition — while others open pathways through commerce.

Education For The Future is a project led by Nativa Escola in the city of João Pessoa, Brazil, which centers on spreading knowledge about animals and their relationship to the environment through education. The goal is to make a difference in children’s’ education by focusing on sustainability and respect to all species.

Abraham López-Moreno Rojas is a vegan lifestyle coach currently living in Jalisco, Mexico. Abraham created a program called Fit En Casa (Fit At Home) which promotes healthy plant-based diets and exercise.

Polifacética is a YouTube Channel by Poli Sotomayor that teaches about veganism, health, empathy and daily activism. The goal is to help spread consciousness about veganism while living a happy and inspirational life with ecological DIY (do-it-yourself) practices affordable to everyone.

Hong Kong Vegetarian Society’s 21-day Vegan Challenge is an online pledge for the Chinese-speaking world to try a vegan lifestyle.

The Bangalore Vegan Fest (TBVF) is a 2-day festival that will host talks with important vegan voices from India and beyond with the intent to open up public dialogue on food ethics, health, and the environment. Their vision is to scale up public conversations about veganism and consumer ethics in the most accessible way possible.

Germinou Vegan Foods is a food startup located in São Paulo, Brazil with the mission of bringing a vegan, healthy alternative to the use of cream cheese made out of animal milk.

Umang Sing is the founder of Nourish to Flourish, which is located in New Delhi, India. The project aims at exposing people to a healthy vegan diet by providing them with knowledge about plant based nutrition. Sing customizes diet plans as well as exercise plans, which anyone can follow and implement into their everyday routine.

Astha Gupta and Kedar Borgaonkar are committed to getting the vegan message to the public through their project, Compassion on Wheels, located in India. The Pollination Project grant will enable them to get their vegan message posted on 100 auto rickshaws, in 3 different languages, raising awareness in the entire city of Pune, India.

UAI Tofu is a project that centers on tofu manufacturing of organic and non-transgenic seeds from family farms. The mission is to promote peace through vegan foods that have a high nutritional value and have big possibilities in popular culinary traditions.

El Sabroso — Vegan Churros Gourmet is a company founded in 2017 by Juliano Nunes Lavrador that aims to show that vegan food can be very tasty, sweet, and attractive. The company’s main goal is to promote veganism by bringing joy through delicious products at different events, restaurants, and shops.