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Beeple Founded NFT Platform, Wenew Chooses Polygon to reduce its environmental impact

Beeple co-founded NFT Platform, Wenew taps Polygon as the go-to Ethereum scaling to reduce the environmental impact of their platform.

Artist Mike Winkelmann aka Beeple, the artist who has been a core contributor to the 2021 NFT craze has launched a new venture, Wenew, which will sell “iconic” moments in time. Beeple will choose to launch his platform on Polygon in order to stay environmentally friendly and reduce the carbon footprint of the WeNew NFT Platform.

The launch of WeNew is a huge addition to Polygon’s exponentially growing NFT Ecosystem comprising a comprehensive ecosystem of NFT tooling, marketplaces, big brands, artists, creators, and celebrities. Polygon’s NFT ecosystem is thriving with more than 150+ NFT Dapps and robust NFT infrastructure with marketplaces like OpenSea and NFT valuation tools such as Upshot.

Polygon’s Commit Chain uses a POS architecture which means that the NFTs minted on Polygon are highly environmentally friendly and leave a low carbon footprint. This makes Polygon the best scaling solution for Beeple’s WeNew platform, whose mission is to become the premier curator and provisioner of iconic moments.

Beeple, the poster boy of the NFT Craze, previously smashed records with the sale of his digital artwork dubbed “Everydays: The first 5000 days” for a whopping $69.3 million. His upcoming iconic collection will feature NFT’s featuring Andy Murray’s Wimbledon 2013 victory, which will be minted on Polygon

Wenew, the curator of NFT’s and brainchild of Beeple, was created with the aim to redefine how we relate to iconic moments. The NFT platform will sell historic and iconic moments across sports, politics, history, fashion, and more.

Each collection will represent a person, estate, or organization behind a moment to provide unique experiences to the buyer. The winner of the Wimbledon NFT auction in July will also win two courtside tickets for the 2022 Wimbledon Finals and also get to play a match with Andy Murray, previous Grand Slam winner, at Wimbledon.

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