Announcing: The Polymath Project Podcast!

Here at The Polymath Project, I’m always trying to answer two questions: “How does the world work?” and “How should we live?”.

Normally, I do this by writing disgustingly-long essays (sometimes 4000+ words) that, for some reason, people actually read.

But there’s only so much I can do on my own — that’s where the podcast comes in.

On it, I’ll be having disgustingly-long conversations with some of the smartest and most intelligent people in the world of ideas. The format is different, but my goal is the same: Take complex-but-important ideas and make them easy to understand.

I’ve recorded five of these already. Guests so far include: a bearded philosopher with a sexy voice, a doctor-neuroscientist, a traveling “solopreneur”, a reformed Youtube star, and an evolutionary biologist.

And there’s a lot more coming!

How to Listen

You can listen on iTunes / Stitcher. Or, simply search for “The Polymath Project” in your favorite podcasting app.

Or, check out our podcast homepage for a list of all published episodes.