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A Day in the Clouds

Photo by Mahir Uysal on Unsplash

A Day In The Clouds

Together- Just you and I

Lying under the blue sky, watching clouds float by.

The deep green blades of grass press against my back, imprinting a pattern onto my skin.

You run your fingers down my arm as your eyes gaze over my body, the touch of your hand feels cool against my sun-soaked skin.

My head placed perfectly in the embrace of your chest and I listen to your heartbeat softly.

Soon we fell asleep.

Our eyes surrendered to the weight of the sun, as you fell deeper into a tranquil slumber, your grip tightened around my body and became firm.

Paradise, a place under the blue sky with clouds floating by.

Under the warm rays of the sun, a winding stream of wind blew my hair onto your face.

You awoke in a surprised state.

Without words, our eyes met and we laughed.

As strands of my hair attempted to stay stranded in your beard, you pressed your lips against my forehead, and I couldn’t help but smile.

Our eyes fixed on one another again.

Never wanting to leave this moment.

Under the Blue Sky

Together- Just you and I



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Alison Reiszadeh

Alison Reiszadeh

Ottawa Based Writer- I write articles about underrated and overlooked issues regarding climate change, the environment, and biodiversity loss