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Can you Relate to the Frozen Smoulders?

Nostalgic Poetry

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Sometimes I poke the burnt ashes of my dreams
And pick up those coals, that were once,
Smoldering desires; That neither glow
Nor scald now. Yet, as I peer at them,
A smile of scorn play at my lips. While
My eyes prick for that pent-up well; that
Neither dries nor grows stale. But at such
Twilight moments I neither burst my dam
Nor clap it down; but swing in-between;
And the whole universe of my being
Gathers in the pool of my eyes; churning
Writhing, choking, clouding yet hoping.
But, if only one could just bother to look
Into my rippling pool, I could have sprayed
Down, to fertile my parched soul.
Alas! The instant passes away
I again flow about like the calm seas;
Hiding in my depths, shores of frozen lava.
All around people gaily sail on me
And as always, I too glide with them
Along the provident winds.

Frozen Smolders

This is the titular poem of my book and is one of the poems that define me. Though published a few years ago, the poem is still close to my heart. My friends say that the words make them feel that they somehow ring true to their lives.

Hidden in layers

I feel that the people that we meet and see, at a glance, may appear or seem to be completely different from what they truly are. There are so many layers to a human personality that sometimes it takes a lifetime to really know a person’s true nature. But, sometimes, we may be able to form a fairly good idea about an individual’s nature.

Can one be sure to really know someone?

We see people laugh, cry, play, shout, abuse, sulk, and yet I feel what we see is just the outer ring or a mask to their true personality. We, humans, hide behind a plethora of emotions, habits, occupations, and traits. The emotions we express can be to hide the real feelings which may be in reality in complete contrast to what we show.

How many secrets of the heart do we usually bury within?

Broken or failed relationships, desires, wishes, lost chances, unrequited emotions, all these and more pile up on our persona and remain somewhere in the depths of our consciousness and heart. With time these, freeze and remain buried within and may never resurface. But, once in a while, in solitude, they prick your consciousness and unravel the faded emotions associated.

Am I the only one to think so?

Life is Amazing with Books and Writers

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Life is Amazing with Books and Writers

Life is Amazing with Books and Writers


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