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Dear Writers for The POM

To answer your questions…

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Hello POMpoets!

Whew, this has been a busy few weeks here at The POM. Your editors have been hard at work keeping things rolling both here on the POM publication and over at our Facebook page. We’ve been chatting a bit today and realize — we are both having the same issue.

We volunteer all of our work here at The POM and sometimes our own lives are very busy. I started this publication back when I was not working at all and Medium was my only real “hobby,” if you will. Now I run a full time writing and editing business, operate 2 publications here on Medium, and I now live alone (1 1/2 hours away from anyone I know)— which means every single home-related task falls on my shoulders. I’ve moved twice in six months! And I still don’t have a bed — the couch sleeping is getting really old, for sure. Man, I have been busy and my blood pressure is starting to complain at me about it. Also, I am working on THREE books.

Samantha runs a family and works full time as a teacher. She’s a mom, a wife, AND a teacher — y’all know that’s a lot. Her hours spent here at The POM are given generously, for sure.

So, the issue we are both having? Questions. Lots of them. Via email, FB messaging, Twitter, private messaging here on Medium and etcetera. Sometimes it’s the same questions. Sometimes it’s “I just sent in a poem…when will it be published?” It’s not that we don’t want to be helpful, but imagine, our poets live all over the world. So, this means that we are getting messages all hours of the day and night. It makes it hard for us to stay on top of our (voluntary) duties for this great big beautiful POMfamily! We love each of you so much! But we are growing — and with that growth comes a much bigger time commitment from the editors. The more informed our writers are — the easier it is for us to do our jobs as editors.

So, if you have a question, and many times you will — we will refer you to these places:

Submission Guidelines (now with its own tab on the pub!)

This Helpful ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW article

Our From the Editor Tab

Our Newsletters

If you read these things, follow the newsletter, and look to refresh your memory (as we update the guidelines from time to time) then you will be well-informed and your experience here at The POM will go much smoother.

Plus, the editors get to stay sane :)

Now — that I’ve gotten that stuff out of the way, CHEERS for all of the participation in our #NatPoWriMo event so far! Today is the second day of the month of prompts and I got to read one of my favorite children’s poets (Shel Silverstein) and write a poem in that likeness. It was a lot of fun!

If you missed it — here’s the event:

A Month Long Writing Challenge

(It was selected for distribution and many of my newsletters have been lately as well. It is bringing traffic to our pub! Look here for the latest CURATED poems and see how many of our POMpoets you see!

That’s all for now — go and read some of our latest POMpoems! There have been nearly 30 posts since I shared the writing challenge! And now I must be off — I have a list of new poets to add to our growing family.

Thanks for all of you. We really DO cherish each of you!

◦•●Christina M. Ward ●•◦, Samantha Lazar



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