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Hello POM Readers and Poets

It’s been awhile…

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Yes, it’s been awhile. I may be a little quieter that usual, but I am still here, keeping an eye on things over in the Facebook group, here on The POM publication, working closely with our other editor Samantha Lazar (who’s always working hard on your submissions and FB share threads!) to make sure we stimulate and encourage unity, creativity, engagement, mutual support, and readership.

Poems breathe whether we read them or not. They have a life of their own, in my opinion. Even before they are written. But, don’t they deserve to be read? Something to think on today.

Soon, I hope to have a POMprompt ready for you. I have a few ideas churning in that direction. Also, I’ve caught up on adding new writers today — there were over a dozen patient people waiting to be added. I hope I haven’t missed anyone. We welcome our new writers and remind you to review the submissions guidelines before you submit and this helpful article that has lots of great tips for publishing poetry on Medium.

On a personal note, I have been very busy with some personal things. My writing business has gotten very busy and I’ve taken on a new, large client that keeps my typing fingers going full speed ahead! Here’s a bit of that if you are curious. I’ve also been working on News Break and that’s a 3-article a week minimum I do each week. Here’s my profile on NB if you are curious. I’ve had several poetry collections to edit so far in 2021 and a few more coming up on my Fiverr profile. I still have about 20 more poet features to complete for the Through the Eyes of a Poet series and I promise, I will get to them.

Yes, I’ve been really busy. (I consider this blessing upon blessing and the result of very hard work and hustle.)

Aside from extensive writing work, I have moved to a new apartment and finally moved my two pets in with me. It is the first time I’ve ever lived alone and the nearest person I know is over an hour away. It’s been a huge undertaking to move, get furniture (I still do not have a bed), get the pets to the vet and get them moved in, and to keep all my writing clients’ deadlines met.

I want you all to know that even though I am not as quick to respond to messages, I am still very much here for you. I don’t want anyone to feel the forward momentum of this publication and this community is slowing or stagnating. It isn’t.

There are times as writers and creatives when the creative energy flows through us in pressing, perhaps even forceful measure. Other times, it’s a simmering. A quiet growing. We all ebb and flow in our creative endeavors and The POM is ALWAYS here for you when the creative juices are flowing and poetry moves through you. When that spirit is quiet, read. Read the work of other poets and I assure you, you will find that inner creative movement again. You will find inspiration. That’s what we are all here for — to grow together.

While my writing business is growing and demanding my attention, my poetic spirit stirs under. But I can feel it. It’s always there.

Thank you for reading and oh…I almost forgot! I did this thing for you all.

Poetically yours,

◦•●✿ Christina M. Ward ✿●•◦




Together We Grow in Poetry

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