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Journey To Real and Imagined Lands

A trip in three art-inspired poems

Mythical Creaturs, image courtesy of the Ashmolean Museum

From Satyr
to Dragon. Garuda
and Blemmyes, too. Most mythical
of all, though: a homo
called Sapiens.

This poem was inspired by the image above, an object from the Ashmolean collection, and the book Baudolino by Umberto Eco.

Oh lovely
day, you tempt me to raise
sail and take the boat out to the sea,
‘till the drowning sun paints
sails orange.

Inspired by this:

Lemons left.
Tomatoes right. Couscous
the heart, köfte on top., Sprinkled with
cilantro and spices.

Inspired by the lovely food found around the Mediterrenean and this:

The poems above are all written in tritriplicata form. Want to know what that is and try it out for yourself? Read this:

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Arjan Tupan

I help small businesses to find their story and tell it through new services and stories. Dad, poet and dot connector. Creator of the Tritriplicata. POM Poet.