Vurzie Kim
May 29, 2020 · 1 min read
Photo by Vurzie.

When you rest your eyes on the beautiful clothing of her cleavage,
One could tell your mind wants to travel places with hers.

You place your palms on her thighs
Spilling words from your heart
Taking her round the clouds — wishing

Wishing she was yours,
Knowing it is a sin to covet your neighbour’s own.

You stop.
But your eyes still gazing on hers
The brightness from her eyes, shines like the twilight in a new dawn. It soothes your soul.

You want her. You want her so bad
Your consciousness plays dead
You take your hands back and forth

Back and forth you go. On her back.
She turns away, drops her coat.

She holds your hands gently and placed hers on your lips.

Slowly, your hands in hers. Parading every part of her body. Soft. She's so soft. You want to, you don't want to. In a fix, kind of. You stop.

She smiles seductively at you, tossed her hair and whispers in your ear;
time. waits. for. no. one.
You bury your lips in her neck.

Eyes shut.

You get lost in the pleasure of her skin and broke the law, again.

Exodus 20:17.

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