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The Beautiful Crystal Vase

A Free Verse Poem of Loss

Photo by Maria Ionova on Unsplash

The family heirloom, a stunning
Waterford crystal vase casting
Colourful light refractions all around
The room full of character Sat on a
Charming antique Irish table
Enhancing the beauty
Of the crystal vase far outshining
All in its surround and beyond,
Including the elegant antique table,
Pride of place for all to admire.

On one fateful day as the sun lit up
The beautiful crystal vase reflecting
A spectrum of shimmering colour
So bright it penetrated and lit up
The room with its character,
A heavy gust of hearty wind
Separated the beautiful Vase from the
Antique Irish table.

This hearty wind sending the vase
Onto shattered ground
To be met later that day
With shock, horror and disbelief,
By the family who once held it so very precious,
Now to be kept within their bleeding hearts.

No matter how hard they tried to put
Back the pieces of the beautiful crystal Vase,
Their efforts were met by unsuccessful
Frustrations as it had shattered
Into pieces far too many for even the
Most patient and dedicated to find and put together.

Slowly over time acceptance sets in
As the table sits quietly alone,
Nothing can replace
The vision of the beautiful crystal vase.

As time moves forward on an unassuming day,
A shock to the system as a hidden piece
Of the shattered crystal vase finds its way
Into the heel of an unexpecting foot!

The blood comes through
As the pain kicks in
This crystal shard is painful
To extract.
Hobbling around,
It takes days for the pain to subside
In this sensitive body part.

Time brings forth alleviation,
Now as ever with more tales to tell,
Never to forget our beautiful crystal Vase
Our beautiful crystal Vase will be with us
Always Gerry Always.

For Gerry, Catherine & Erin, for you also Christina.

If you feel like another…

Thank you for reading and your precious time. Always. J. 🙏✨

Thank you, Christina M. Ward for your support and for giving my words a home!



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James G Brennan

Writes free to read eclectic free verse poetry. "Everything in life is writable about" Sylvia Plath.