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The Fate of the Tiger Lilies

A Delicate Dance

Photo by Tina Dawson on Unsplash

The vivacious petals of the tiger lily stand strong as it feeds off of the day’s last remaining sunbeams.

Its roots planted firmly in the ground.

The world is spinning around so quickly, this simple life form cannot comprehend all of the impending change.

Within only a few moments, ominous overcast fills the evening sky.

Sharp strident sounds vibrate through the air.

The winding wind pushes past the lilies’ leaves and nearly breaks its stem.

Now, the rain falls, it pours out of the sky as though the clouds were broken down flood gates.

The lilies become submerged in water.

The soil is slowly swept away, exposing their bare roots to the tumultuous elements.

The lilies cannot move, they cannot escape the rain.

They simply have to embrace an environment thrust upon them, and find comfort in the fact that they are not alone.

The lily does not wilt, it does not crumble.

It keeps growing, rebuilding parts of itself that were damaged in the storm.

A new morning rises,

and the lily blooms once again under the reemerging sun.



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Alison Reiszadeh

Alison Reiszadeh

Ottawa Based Writer- I write articles about underrated and overlooked issues regarding climate change, the environment, and biodiversity loss