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The POM — to Play ‘Pick Three’

Extending the Politically Speaking game Pick Three to The POM writers

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Hello writers and readers for The POM. This morning I released a challenge in Politically Speaking, which is another publication that I operate here on Medium. I have challenged my writers there to a Pick Three game and today I challenge you! Here is the original P.S. Challenge.

The Pick Three challenge:

Increased engagement on our publication helps ALL of our writers! So let’s make this a game. Visit our homepage or work off this list of the curated articles from August. Pick three articles/poems that stand out to you. This is your chance to curate THREE and get the word out to others about your picks!

  • Pick three — and then read each article or poem, comment on each of your picks (link this post if you want to challenge them), share each poem or article to your social media to encourage other people to read it.


Want to make it more fun? Let them know they are one of your “Pick Three” picks and plop the link to this newsletter post to challenge them to Pick Three! Or, write up a Pick Three for the publication Top 3! Have fun selecting YOUR Pick Three picks!!

Check out these curated articles in The POM!

August pub-wide curation rate: So far in August we have 192 posts (WHOA!) and 18 of them have been curated. Please read ALL newsletters — I often include tips that can help move toward curation.

For example:

Did you know that if you include ANY friend links within your story — like those self-promo links at the bottom or within your posts — that it makes your entire post exempt from curation? It is IN the curation rules:

From the curation guidelines:

Story disqualifications:

…..Including a Friend Link in the story

Now let’s see the curated articles for August

Curated in Poetry:

Thanks for all your support of The POM writers and poets. We are folks who pour our passions into our work and your support means a lot to us.
Support artists and poets!!

EIC: Christina M. Ward



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Christina M. Ward

Writing in health, wellness, cannabis, relationships. Contributor — LA Weekly, OK! mag, Today’s Health Sciences. Content writer — Vegamour, cbdMD, Asé.