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There’s no Proof Here

Stop asking

Photo by Hannah Xu on Unsplash

When someone
drunk on indignation


like a raincoat
is just an outfit
worn by the 'weak'
worn to avoid the rain
when the cloud of life
heavy with demands
pours out heavy drops”

i'm not angry
i don't want to sway in
wearing the garment of defense

or take sips
from the wine of indignation

i'm just indifferent
glad they don't see it as i do

a disease cooked in the darkest
the darkest corner of hell

a punishment
for the days I dared to laugh

an exchange
for the days I saw the insides of joy

my greatest concern isn't proving
proving this lack of control doesn't exist

my greatest concern
is living through this

don't search for proof

there are no receipts
from this store for the ‘weak’

there are no footprints here

just my hands
holding fast
to this pole for survival

sometimes i’m surprised

shocked at their confidence

speaking about something

they have no idea about



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