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Here’s how you can be a team player.

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Hello writers and poets of The POM!

Today, let’s address some ways you can become a more integral part of the POMfam!

The most important thing you can do to lift your POMfam and be a great team player is to read, follow, and support the work of your fellow poets. Not only does this support our community, but it also offers you a greater reach within the group. Getting to know other people on Medium is the most surefire way to find success on the platform.

***You’ll want to open this link in a new tab and BOOKMARK IT.***

Following the Right People

Follow Your POMpoet writers!

Here’s the link to the list of ALL our POMpoets. Are you following any of them? All of them?

Follow the editors!

Following the editors is a way of staying in tune with what is going on with the publication, but also smart. If you want to be a part of a successful group and find success for your own work there — why not be familiar with the folks that work behind the scenes? Christina is a poetry editor & freelance writer and Samantha is an experienced educator! Both are published and competent leaders for our group. Follow their work and by all means, read the newsletters!
◦•●❄ Christina M. Ward ❄●•◦ and Samantha Lazar

Offering Reader Support

If you are contributing to our wonderful publication, there is a general expectation that your work will be well-received, that it will be read, and that you will receive some feedback and support for your poetry and poetry articles. This only works when people offer reading support to others. This isn’t tit-for-tat, it is common courtesy.

The Medium platform, let’s be real, will never favor poetry. Which means, if we want our work to do well here, we have to give a little extra. Choose poems to read, EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Set Aside Some Time Each Day to Read

When poetry comes up in your recommended reading, it will likely be from larger publications that have in-house curation. Yes, read these, but you will have to make a concerted effort to come to The POM and read to support the work of our writers. The more of us do this, the more successful our publication can be — which elevates ALL of us together. The newer poets can benefit from greater exposure and from learning from the work of more experienced poets. The more experienced poets benefit from growing their fanbase and gaining potential loyal fans of their work who, guess what, BUY your books! It is a win-win situation for ALL of us if we agree, in unison, to be supportive of each other.

Join the Facebook Group

One great way to support others is to cruise through the share threads on the Facebook Group.

Share Poems You Love

When you read a poem on Medium and love it — let the writer know with a comment. Hit that share button and share their work on your Twitter or your Facebook. Guess what more traffic coming to our pub does? It brings potential readers for us all! Sharing is a crucial aspect to uplifting our publication and its writers.

This Is a Place to Celebrate Poetry

One last point and I’ll let you all get back to your work:

Please, let’s celebrate this thing we all love. Let us write articles on all things poetry. Let’s write up about a poet we love. Let’s do a post that highlights the work of other POMpoets. Let’s write about technical things like Voltas and meter. Let’s write articles that teach a poetic form or discuss a poetic device. Let’s write poetry — yes — but let’s also celebrate this wonderful gift.

Thanks for reading The POM newsletter. This newsletter is a free service by the editors of The POM, who work very hard to support poets here on the Medium platform. If you would like to tip your editors, you can do that here:


We’ve had some wonderful responses to our last POMprompt #22 — What’s Out Your Window? Here are a few of those wonderful entries! There is NO time limit on these and you are welcome to do any of the POMprompts at any time you wish. Simply tag it appropriately and put the link to the POMprompt post somewhere in your submission so others can play along. To tag it appropriately type this exact thing and hit enter (it will not collate properly) — pomprompt — one word, no capitalization, then hit enter and the tag will go in there.

Some of Our POMprompt #22 Responses

Other POMprompt Responses

Thanks for reading!

Poetically yours,

The editors of The POM, ◦•●❄ Christina M. Ward ❄●•◦ and Samantha Lazar



Together We Grow in Poetry

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